Leading multiple priorities

Business Simulation for Training in Leadership Skills

The global company MoonLife 2.0 has launched the colonization of the Moon to exploit its resources commercially at the colony they are building in the crater Shackleton.

Besides extracting Hydrogen and Helium 3, this lunar colony will offer laboratories to all countries requesting scientific research support for their experiments.

Make the colony work and generate profit will be corporate challenges gradually evolving during the session.

Each participant will play a role as part of the management team to organize activities dealing with the exploitation, carrying out administrative tasks, and operational support.

Leading multiple priorities. Training in Leadership Skills.
Entrenamiento en habilidades de liderazgo
Entrenamiento en habilidades de liderazgo
Entrenamiento en habilidades de liderazgo
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Training in leadership skills

MoonLife 2.0 creates a situation  and provoke a dynamic in which two types of processes are needed at the same amount:

  • Intellectual: analysis, selection, planning, prioritizing, attention, organization.
  • Social: cooperation, empathy, communication, control of emotions.

This is why participants must handle complex information that can only be managed if they collaborate.

During the session they will have to:

  • Assess risks and decide which they accept.
  • Manage transport and staff restrictions.
  • Track events as they occur.
  • Keep track of expenses and record revenue.
  • Ensure compliance with performance indicators.
  • Planning launching spacecrafts to the Moon and resources they will carry.
  • Adapt to changes as they arise.

The Challenge: it's a matter of Leadership

  • Organization: Does each one know her role and how to perform it?
  • Information: Do we know where the data resides and which is relevant and useful?
  • Coordination: Can we define a process flow helping us to be more effective?
  • Emotion: Are we aware of our emotions and can we handle them?

The Sequence of Activities 

Each of the three stages in the evolution of MoonLife 2.0 has the time distributed in 3 moments

Preparation: reading documents and organizing the team.
Execution: 42 minutes of activity in real time.
Reflection: thinking about what happened, comments, debates and lessons learned.

Group configuration 

The simulation includes 12 roles.
It can be carried out with a minimum of 9 participants and a maximum of 18.

No qualification or preparation prior to the session is necessary.

Entrenamiento en habilidades de liderazgo

Who has experienced it?


In the framework of a meeting for internal service strategy to improve delivery value, the law firm Clifford Chance used MoonLife 2.0 in three concurrent sessions to get insights on communication, information management, prioritization, leadership and focus on results (Nov 2017).


iKN Spain deployed 12 sessions in various countries where its largest client in the energy sector has operations. MoonLife 2.0 served as the closing activity of an online leadership training program in which more than 230 people participated (2013-2016).


Celemi held an internal session with all their design, commercial and administrative support teams at its headquarters in Malmö to identify improvements in the interactions between areas (Dec 2016).


Intended audience

  • Production managers
  • Financial managers and Chief Accountants
  • Functional managers
  • Project Office
  • Business development professionals
  • Design and Quality Experts
  • Team members
  • Resource Management Expeerts
  • Procurement managers
  • Human Resources managers


Leadership Skills Training

Management Competencies Diagnostic

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